3D printers are production devices that enable 3D digital data to be transferred to the physical environment, and the material used can vary according to the technical specifications of the printer.

Today, the general working logic of 3D printers is to knit or construct 3D digital data, by spraying or melting techniques, in layers until the object appears in the data. Each layer created can be seen when examined carefully. This process differs from the logic of production that has survived to the present day. In traditional production, objects created by combining the pieces removed from the whole or adding them together are created completely from scratch with a 3D printer.

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As we mentioned earlier, 3D printers need 3D data first in order to create an object. Accordingly, there are many programs and software produced to create 3D visual objects. Meta Industry products use their own software that can work with the file types supported by the currently used 3D software.

3D printers have started to be used in many sectors today. Among these;

  • Dentistry
    Architectural models and models
    Designer household goods
    Replica products
    Manufacture of tools and equipment
    Car accessories
    Office items
    Home accessories
    Fashion accessories

As there are sectors for daily consumption such as;

  • Automotive

It is also used in sectors requiring heavy industry production.

Using 3D printer production not only saves time but also contributes greatly to reducing costs. In addition, it provides a great advantage with the ability to produce the spare parts, complementary products, temporary correction products needed in an emergency in a short time.

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