Transforming the World of Consumption into the Production Planet

Today, when it comes to production, profit, profit and unplanned production methods come to the fore. However, the unplanned and overproduction tradition is about to change with 3D printers.

Production companies have teams or departments that conduct market research and determine sales expectations. However, the data obtained by these departments are often not considered correct. In this area where uncertainty is quite high, expectation data depends on many factors such as socio-economic changes, cultural shocks, natural disasters, change of habits and changes in trends. However, all these items do not allow calculation at the same time.

Failure to determine sales leads to overproduction. An overproduction production department harms not only the company it is affiliated with, but also the planet we are in, our limited resources and it takes time.

The possibilities that 3D printers offer to the world of production are so important that they can change an entire planet. When production and consumption habits can be reduced to personal production, there will be no term for overproduction in the world.

A New World

In the simplest way, manufacturing companies will be able to earn income by renting the usage rights of designs to daily users instead of physically producing the products. Daily users will be able to produce the products they have the right to use, at home, so that the production will be limited only by need.

When such a leap is achieved in production, giant production facilities will not be required, thousands of employees will not be needed, energy costs will decrease tremendously, storage and transportation costs will be eliminated, production losses will be valid for the person making the production and will remain in single numbers and the work spent for the production when looking at the big picture power, energy and costs will decrease by 95%.

Production companies will turn into design offices, work only for the preparation of designs that will be sold to users, and will be able to earn income from the usage rights of the designs.

In such a world, the customizability of the products will increase, dissatisfaction with the product will be limited to design errors. In a sense, this situation will almost eliminate the labor and energy spent for customer service.

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