By using high tech materials and programming, we developed Printotype 3D printers for you to produce faster and beter quality products.

Meta Industry was established in 2019 in Istanbul. Founded with the aim of being a new breath to high technology, the company repairs errors and deficiencies in its sector with the correct analysis and perspective.
The first project of our company, Printotype, is the candidate to be the only production form of the future. Printotype is faster than its opponents with its 3D printer technology and brand new Scara technique. With them, it will always be ahead of its competitors.
We run confidently to the future in order to be a pioneer in all our projects in the field of advanced technology.

Do you want to gain an overwhelming competitive advantage in prototypes, molds and end products?

Whatever you want to produce, leave your entire workflow to us.

All our printers come with lifelong customer support. Wherever you are, whenever you need it. Get the best results on fast concept models and end-use products using our wide range of materials.
Start printing in just a few clicks with a software that uses rigorously tested material profiles that can be used with any filament and nozzle.

Product development
Experience rapid prototyping for yourself with professional 3D printing solutions. Reduce costs and delivery times.

Production Aids
Discover the ease and efficiency that 3D production brings to factory, workshop and office floors. Reschedule and accelerate your setup times while achieving higher levels of precision.

End Use Parts
Go beyond fast production; Use 3D production applications for prototyping, spare parts, and even small mass production operations.

Surprise your customers with eye-catching 3D production models. Or as quickly and effortlessly as you like, make bulk construction models and try out your various building design concepts.

META INDUSTRY life and development

Think from every angle, examine what exists to improve and improve.

Idea Formation
Research Phase

Check out a wide variety of resources, even read people who have ideas. Focus on how you can use any idea in other areas.

First functionality, then aesthetics.


Work with people who can make realistic, harsh criticisms that will make your ideas come true. We chose the best NLSS Engineering of Turkey.

It is time to start your ideas when you can mature and trade. In 2019, we put our strong plans into practice.


Work in your team and in the environment not only with people who agree with you, but also with those who agree.