3000-Year-old Mummy Able To Talk Again With a 3D Printer

Scientists managed to reproduce the vocal cords of a 3000-year-old mummy with a 3D printer, making them speak again.

There are many ideas and doubts about what 3D printers can do and what benefits they can provide for humanity. With a new 3D printer news every day, developments in technology and usage areas are encountered.

Scientists managed to break new ground by examining the mummy of an Egyptian priest who lived between 1099 and 1069 BC. Mummy, whose DNA and biological properties were investigated, started talking again exactly 3000 years later. The researchers managed to recreate the vocal cords they learned from the biological structure of the mummy with the help of a 3D printer artificially. The sound of these vocal cords could also be created with the help of computers.

The researchers who managed to recreate the voice of a dead person for the first time in human history have opened a new page in the production of artificial organs. Information and details about the project were shared by Royal Holloway, University of London, York University and Leeds Museum.

It is believed that the mummy, whose voice was reconstructed, belongs to a priestess named Nesyamun and that the priest worked in the holiest parts of the temple of the statue of Amun. It is estimated that Nesyamun lost her life due to some kind of gum disease and was about 50 years old when she died.